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Accreditation at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia is necessary for all international media representatives and enables them to work legally in the Serbia. Besides the accreditation issued by the Ministry of Culture, reporters might need an additional accreditation in order to report on various events and particular institutions – if needed that accreditation is issued by the organizing institution.

Prior to your departure to Serbia, the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Director of the media you work for should kindly fax or e-mail a request for accreditation to:

Ministry of Culture, Media Department
Fax: + 381-11-311-18-18
e-mail: zpovrenovic@min-cul.sr.gov.yu

The request for your credentials should include:

• Name and the media you work for and a brief description
• Your name, family name, passport number and title, affiliation to the media
• Type of credentials required (temporary correspondent, permanent correspondent or special reporter) including the duration of stay
• Area of interest (in case you are a special reporter)

Upon arrival to Belgrade, you should obtain credentials at:

Palace of Federation
Bul. Mihaila Pupina 2
tel. (011) 311-18-18; (011) 311-24-90

You should kindly present the original letter-request by your EIC or MD and two recent passport-size photos.

The processing time may last up to a month.

Accreditation is free of charge.

For further information please contact Ministry of Culture Media Department on (011) 311-18-18 or (011) 311-24-90. Members of Media Department Team speak English, German and French.

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