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Office for Media Relations of the Republic of Serbia offers various services, in order to assist you in reporting. It will provide you with contacts, government and President of Serbia statements, story ideas, and when available, interviews with government officials.
Office for Media Relations of the Republic of Serbia has a mailing list of several hundred reporters, providing the members with announcements of daily and weekly Government events (press conferences, briefings, live statements, photo-ops, etc.), written statements, bulletins, etc. Together with the Serbia Press Association, the Office organizes Press Breakfasts with Government Officials, available only to Press Association members. The Office’s services are free of charge.

The phone numbers of the Office are: (011) 361-76-42, and the fax number: (011) 361-74-71. The stuff employed speak foreign languages.

Note: The above-mentioned conditions and requirements for accreditation and temporary residence are subject to change without prior announcement. Possible changes will be reported on the Ministry’s web site, throughout the Office for Media Relations of the Republic of Serbia mailing list, through the Foreign Press Association, and through Embassies and Consulates of the Republic of Serbia throughout the world.

For all additional information, please, contact us:

Zorica Povrenovic
Tijana Puhalovic

phone: +381 11 311 18 18
+381 11 311 24 90
e-mail: zpovrenovic@min-cul.sr.gov.yu

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