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Privatization/Enterprise Reform
Under the Privatization Law passed in June 2001, the Privatization Agency and the Ministry of Economy and Privatization have the mandate to sell about 2000 socially owned enterprises. The law authorized the Privatization Agency to adopt three approaches: privatization by tender for large enterprises, auctions of small and medium enterprises, and restructuring and subsequent tender/auction for larger enterprises that cannot be sold in their current condition. Significant progress has been made, with a total of 1113 enterprises offered for sale, and over 1000 sold (as of December 2004). The bulk of these have been sold under auction.

About two-thirds of privatization revenues have so far come from the larger firms sold through tenders. Major privatizations have included the sale of three cement factories, a steal mill, the fuel retailer Beopetrol, and two large tobacco companies.

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Privatization/Enterprise Reform
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