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According to the Serbian law, foreign citizens are allowed to adopt a child from Serbia. However, adoption of child is possible when adoptive parents could not be found among Serbian citizens and when the Serbian authority in charge for adoption estimates that adoption by foreigners is in the child’s best interest.

Along with a request for adoption, prospective adopters (applicants) must present the following:

1. Short biography
2. Assessment of the authorized institution -based on the applicant’s USA address of residence- that applicants are eligible for adoption. Applicants should provide a proof that such institution is authorized for said assessment.
3. Proof that applicants are eligible for adoption according to the applicable laws in domicile country (USA)
4. Birth certificates
5. Marriage certificate
6. Proof that there is no criminal file and that there is no ongoing criminal investigation
7. Proof that applicants have not been convicted for criminal charges
8. Physician’s assessment on general health condition
9. Proof of employment, income, property and housing conditions
10. Proof of citizenship
11. Photos

All documents must be original, properly legalized (Apostille) and translated into Serbian by authorized translator. Request should be sent directly to Serbian authority in charge for adoption (Ministry for Labor and Social Politics, Department for Social Protection) at:

Ministarstvo rada i socijalne politike Republike Srbije
Sektor za socijalnu zaštitu
Nemanjina 22-26
Beograd 11000

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